I've been a teacher since I first showed my little brother the best way to do everything. Since then I've taught Stanford undergrads about the French Revolution, curious home cooks the key to a perfect soufflé, and food writers how to shape a story and find new ways to say "delicious." After years of teaching classes for Mediabistro, I now work directly with committed writers and lead larger workshop or conference groups.

For information on individual consulting or speaking engagements, please contact me at: watson (dot) molly (at) gmail (dot) com.

Former students agree:

“Absolutely the best pedagogical experience I have ever had. This was one of the best classroom experiences of my life: Molly is frank and honest but also inspiring and supportive.”

“Molly was witty and entertaining, and presented the material in an organized, interesting way. Not everyone who's good at what he/she does is good at explaining it to others, and vice versa ("those who can't do teach" as the adage goes), but Molly clearly has a knack for both aspects.”

“Not only is Molly a very engaging speaker, she is genuinely interested in helping you grow as a writer.”

“In her low-key, witty, and admirably organized fashion, Molly covered more material than I would have thought possible in a one-day class. She makes sure all her students leave with information that is tailored to their needs. I learned a few key things I’ve been using ever since. I’d take another class with her in a minute!”

“Fantastic course content + fantastic instructor = fantastic way to spend a Sunday.”